We go assemble | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Type of services do we provide?

We provide on-site assembly and installation services for all types of Residential and Commercial properties.

Services and relocations?

Yes we provide Dis-assembly services and relocation, so long you are relocating within our covered area.

Are you fully insured?

We are fully insured.

What do you charge to assemble a product?

Our assembly pricing is very affordable and we also provide professionalism and excellent customer service. Please call us for a for a free estimate or provide us with a quote request and in no time you will receive an email with all the details. Call (786)482-3934 .

Do you charge for Valet or Street Parking?

Most Condominium and parking garages charges for guests and contractors to park their vehicles on premises. Should this be the case, we are providing a service and those fees will be added at the end of the services.

How can I request for an appointment?

Call us Miami (786)482-3934 or email Info@wegoassemble.com us when ready. We assist on a first come-first serve basis.

What happens if assembler opens the box and all the items are not available?

It is the customers responsibility to contact the store where the item was purchased and have them resend a new item.

If the assembler has to go back out to finalize the install/service due to a missing part of the furniture or the assembly, will there be an additional fee?

We will have to charge a reschedule fee of $50.00 and the remaining balance for completing the job requested.

Do I have to pay prior to assembler’s arrival

You only pay 50% of the estimate and the remaining balance upon completion.

Is there a minimum service call fee?

Our Minimum Service fee in Miami-Dade and Broward county is $99.00

What are your payment terms?

We accept Visa, MasterCard,Discover and American Express.

What happens when failure to pay for services.

We appoint a second party company that helps us collect the amount due after the assembly or installation. The client will have up to 24 hours to pay for the services. After the 24 hours, the 2nd party company will begin charging $10.00 per day until the payment is collected in full. After 30 days of non-payment your account will go into collections. If the amount is greater than $500.00 a lien can be placed on your home with interest of 7.5% per month, until interest and payment is collected in full.

Can I tip the installers?

Yes absolutely you can tip our installers, but it is not an obligation.

Is there any precaution that we request while the installers are working?

For safety reasons please keep all other persons/pets/children out of the installation-work area until the project has been completed in full and we have left the premises. Please let us know in when we arrive if you want our assemblers & Installers to wear foot booty”s.

Will the installer move the flat packed product to other sections in the house or office?

Each service call is different. Ordinarily, we ask that prior to our arrival, the flat packed cartons be pre-placed in the room the furniture/product will remain in once built. However, many times due to health reasons or age, our clients are incapable of lifting these cartons into the room where the furniture is to be assembled. In those instances with advance notification, for an additional fee, we will be happy to relocate your flat packed carton(s) elsewhere on the same floor within the home or office. For relocation within the house or office a $25.00 fee with a 5 boxes maximum will apply in the final bill.

As a client, Can I assist the installers with assembly and/or installation tasks?

No, Due to strict liability reasons, we cannot allow our clients to physically assist our assemblers with any projects. For jobs that require heavy lifting or multiple tasks we use 2 or more installers for the job

How long does it take to assemble an item?

Assembly times range anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the job.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! We provide 30-day warranty on all of our assembly and installation services (new/unopened product only).

What if an item is discovered to be broken, missing or defective at the time of service?

Please inspect the item carton or packaging for any obvious signs of damage. Should anything be incorrect-measurements by the client, damages due to factory defects, shipping mishandling, retail store mishandling, delivery mishandling, missing parts, wrong item, wrong color. If a problem is discovered during an assembly at a client’s home or office, our installer will notify the client immediately. The client upon notification may elect to have the furniture built with (slight defects only) or may choose to have the item(s) replaced by contacting the original place of purchase or the manufacturer. If no work can be performed- an $50/hr will be collected for time lost, travel, etc. Regarding broken or missing parts relative to any furniture’s- We will collect a pro-rated amount for the percentage portion of the furniture that has been assembled, even if the furniture cannot be used. We will return when the items has arrived and complete the assembly and charge the remaining amount due as per the quote that was provided. It is up to the client to inspect the new pieces/parts to ensure our re-visit is not in vain.

Do you remove the empty boxes?

As a courtesy and appreciation for choosing We-Go Assemble company to assemble your purchase, we will be sure the assemblers remove all the boxes from your home and or office. It will have to be placed in your dumpster on premises.